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Equitable Compensation Forms (must be approved by the DS before applying)

General and Jurisdictional Conferences 2020 - Delegation

 We ask all lay members who are interested in becoming a delegate to the 2020 General and Jurisdictional Conferences to complete the self-nomination form.  This gives us a base of interested folks and allows the annual conference to know who is interested in the position.  The deadline for submitting the form is March 10, 2019. A lay member is not required to complete the form to be eligible to be elected.  Any lay member of a local church is eligible for election.  However, the forms received by the deadline will be compiled into a file and posted on the website.  Lay delegates may then access this file, download or print, and decide who would be the best delegates to represent the Rio Texas Conference at the General and Jurisdictional Conferences.  

The Delegation will be elected at Annual Conference 2019.

2020 Lay Delegate Self-Nomination Form (pdf)


2020 Lay Delegate Self-Nomination Form (Word) (doc)